Humane Mouse Traps 2 Pack


100% Humane: Humane mouse trap, no kill. Locks mice in closed box so that it cannot escape, without having to harm them until you can release it. This is not like a traditional killing trap, which is caught and killed immediately. Truly Humane.

Never hurts kids & pets: The mechanism of the Todoxi Humane mouse trap is set internally, which completely avoids the risk, so during the operation does not hurt, but also provides a very safe environment for children and pets.

Easy to catch and release: Our trap is easy to open the door and add baits. When you catch a mouse, it’s convenient to carry the trap outside and release.

Reusable: This rat trap is made of ABS material which is easy to wash, reusable and long lasting. Just simply wash it after capture, so you can use it over and over again. No residue, no odor.

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