MakerHawk 2pcs DHT22 AM2302 Digital Temperature and Humidity Measure Sensor


Module and 1pc nRF24L01+ and ESP8266 ESP-01 Adapter for Arduino

  • The DHT22: Is a reliable sensor for measuring temperature and The sensor measures data from the surrounding air and transmits these values as a digital signal to the data pin. (no analog input pins required)


  • The Sensor: Can work with both 3.3V and 5V. In such a way that it is suitable for connection to all boards such as for Arduino, RN­ Control, Raspberry Pi and also other microcontrollers


  • The Output: Is serial as a digital bit stream, allowing the sensor to be ideal for monitoring room climate or for setting up a weather station


  • Easy To Use: In addition to the operating voltage, only one port should be connected to the sensor. Includes jumper Note: During the use process, the interval between the first and second reading should be more than 2 seconds


  • Breakout Adapters: nRF24L01+ and ESP8266 ESP-01 makes it easy to connect any 2×4 pin device or module, such as an nRF24L01+ or ESP8266 ESP-01 module, to a standard breadboard


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