NIUXX Window Suction Bird Feeder with Seed Tray, Large Outdoor Feeder:


  • Feeding All Small Birds.
  • Tough & Sturdy.
  • Four Large Suction Cups.
  • Easy To Clean & Fill.
  • Harder For Squirrels To Steal Seeds.
  • Weatherproof.
  • Long Lasting.
  • Great For Birdwatching.

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Powerful Suction Cups:

4 large and strong suction cups that are easy to stick to your window and are extremely unlikely to fall off or slip down. The suction cups that are used provide a firm stick to any smooth window. Easy to install, it can take  not much more than a minute if you follow the instructions provided.

Refilling Made Easy:

Our perfect slanting design and easy to lift lids is what makes refilling this bird feeder a doddle. Simply have a cup of your favourite bird seed handy, lift lid and pour where neede. You should be proud because even though it might only take you seconds to refill your feeders, but the impact you’re making on wildlife is so much longer lasting.

Attracts Small Birds:

Let’s face it its a jungle out there within the nature world as it is in all walks of life. It always seems to be the little ones left cold, hungry and having to work much harder to earn what they take home to feed their families. Well not with this bird feeder, this bird feeder sets out to feed the most vulnerable of the bird world first. Plus being a window feeder it also makes it much harder for those robbing squirrels from taking it all away.

An ideal gift for birds lovers:

This bird feeder has a long 30cm standing perch that holds lots of small bbirds.You will be able to observe each bird closer than you ever have, all standing a line in front of your window. Get up close and personal with wild birds such as the Robin feeder, Starlings and so many more.

Weatherproof Cover Design:

The extended shelter of the cover, protect the feed from all our wet elements. The drain holes in the tray also helps to keep the seed dry. Fill up with popular bird seeds such as sunflower hearts, suet pellets, and other bird feeds. Remember it’s not only important that we provid a feeding station for our beautiful birds only in Winter, they are needed all year round.

Garden Birds Keep Coming Back:

Although these window bird feeders are made specifically for small birds who love to visit the garden, you can buy ones for the larger birds as well. If you already own a birdseed feeder bird table or birdbath for garden gadgets, then this product will bring you even closer to your favourite birds and they will keep coming back.