Privacy Anti UV Window Film With Clear Squares Design 90x200cm


Privacy Window Film, Clear Tiny Squares, One Way Mirror Reflective Adhesive Window Film, Anti UV Heat Control Sun Blocker, Privacy Protection Glass Tint Sticker, 90 x 200 cm (35.4 x78.7 inch)

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Our window film gives you great privacy during the daytime, and displays a glass mirror effect on the outside. The Privacy ≥95% design lets you enjoy your life without the worry of any outside looks.


The heat control window film can retain heat in winter and keep it out in summer, reducing expensive heating and cooling costs.


Blocking out 99% of ultraviolet rays, the film effectively blocks harmful solar rays and minimises fading on furnishings caused by the sun.


With an anti-scratch layer on the surface and friction resisting, the film will not fade nor blister, it is easy to remove, economical and practical.


The 100% glue-free design removes the need for any chemicals. Can be applied easily with only water, easy to make corrections during the application, and can be easily reinstalled if not damaged. It takes only one person from start to finish to apply the application and in a short period of time.


Privacy window film is exactly what it says. Once fitted to a glass door or window it will provide you with a lot more privacy from prying eyes. Although it can also be fitted the the bottom of a glass dining/coffee table etc if you wanted.


90 x 200cm / 35.4 x 78.7in

Helpful Tips:

The instructions that come with the rolls can be hard to follow sometimes. So here is some helpful and easy to follow tips.

  1. Your windows must be SPOTLESS. I’m talking no dust, hair, flecks of paint. Anything left on the windows will make the film come away. Get right into the corners too!
  2. Use SOAPY water – adding a bit of washing up liquid to a spray bottle full of water, it works a treat. It doesn’t say this in the instructions but trust us it helps with adhesion and it helps making adjustments a whole lot easier.
  3. Use a new and very sharp Stanley blade to cut it to size. Any ragged edges causes it to lift. Best to cut it a couple of centimetres too big. Then once you have it set into position you can use a straight edge to cut off the excess centimetres.
  4. Remember leave a small 2mm gap between the film and window frames on all 4 side. Important because if it touches the window seal of the frame it will lift.
  5. Start from the top of the window down as it is much easier to make adjustments.

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