Selfie Ring Light:


Clip-on LED Camera Light, Rechargeable 36 LED Full Ring-light With 3-Level Adjustable Brightness To Help You Look Your Best On-Camera. 

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  • LED bulbs provides supplemental or side lighting for photography in low light conditions. It also helps you to get higher quality pictures and videos when natural light is not available.
  • 3 Level brightness available with dimming options. Easily adjust the brightness level by pressing single button. Enjoy your selfies no matter it is indoor or outdoor, daytime or at night.
  • No need to plug it in and it’s super easy to use. Just clamp this clip style light on your smart phone and pressing the power button for the supplementary lighting.
  • Compatible with most smart phones, tablets, pc, ipad and iPhones 
  • No big expense wasted on batteries, just charge with the USB cable provided, which is more economical & environment-friendly.