Each 24pc set consists of 12 of the Loop strips and 12 of the Hoop strips. The Hoop&Loop system goes together to form an ultimate and secure bond.

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The double-sided Hook&Loop system provides you with an extremely tight, safe, and an unbelievable bonding. With the Hoop&Loop system and the use of a very stong adhesive glue together, this gives you a very reliable, tough gripping and a super sticky no nails surface fastener. To be used on multiple clean and smooth surfaces.


The perfect surfaces are glass, wood, metal, plastic, fabric, smooth walls, and other clean, flat, smooth, and dry surfaces.


Any powder wall, painted wall, uneven surface, or irregular items are not recommended.

Yes, these adhesive mounting tape strips use an extremely strong adhesive glue, and use the Hoop&Loop interlocking system. Although, whether they do the job or not, it really depends on….

  1. The kind and quality of surface it is being applied to.
  2. If you allow the full minimum 24hr to 3 day bonding period.
  3. The adhesive strips are placed in the right positions based on the stress point of the object.
  4. So, really it is all up to you!


These strips can be used in any area of a home, office, tent, car, school, etc. They can be used to stop rugs, mats, carpets, couches, cushions, lamps, furniture, posters/pictures from moving or falling. They can also be used for cable management, clothing, and other crafting applications!

Our double-sided sticky wall tape is only used on smooth, clean, and dry surfaces. Any power wall, painted wall, uneven surface, or irregular items are not recommended. These mounting tapes are very strong adhesive, stick well or not. It really depends on the surface or if it sticks in the right place based on the stress point of the object.


As these use super strong adhesive to give you peace of mind that once you stick your items to a surface, it won’t fall off.

This, in turn, can cause you a problem if you ever want to remove the items or the adhesive strips from a surface. These strips will attach to its surface so tightly it will not just peel off easily without leaving some kind of surface damage behind.

Important Tip 1: If you use adhesive strips on a painted wall and you need to remove it. Then we would recommend that you firstly heat the strip up with a hairdryer, etc, and slowly peel it from its surface. The hairdryer will heat and melt the strips adhesive, making it loosen its grip. It needs to be extremely heated for that to happen! Before doing so please read ‘TIP 2’ below.

IMPORTANT TIP 2: If possible, it would be best to try heating the adhesive of the stip attached to the wall surface while it is still attached to the item it is holding up. This is because the loop and hook of these strips bond together so tightly they are hard to pull apart and because of this you could end up pulling off the surface paint or even the plaster with it.

If you really need to remove the item from the painted wall to clean, etc, then we recommend that you always hold the surface strip as you slowly detach the said item from the fixed wall strip.


Includes 24 piece self adhesive, 12x hook, and 12x loop. 1 x 7 inches = 2.5cm x 17.78cm (W x L). Which can be easily cut or added together to fit most sizes. The hook and loop tape are made of velcro fabric, and tough and durable adhesive.


Simply peel off the white adhesive protective film on the back of the hook and apply it to the item that you want to hang while trying to fix it on as straight as possible.

Wipe the fixing area to remove any dust, etc.

Now peel off the white protective film from the adhesive tape and stick it to the smooth, dry and clean surface.

Allow the self-adhesive pads to set for 24 hours to achieve full attachment strength.


Hook and loop interlocking tape fasteners can be used both indoors and outdoors on most smooth dry surfaces. The surface only needs to be dry while applying the tape 

SIZE: (Width 2.5 cm by Length 18 cm).
QUANTITY: Total 24 pieces (12 x ‘Hoop’ strips and 12 x ‘Loop’ strips).

Warm note:
1. Do not use sticky pads on rugged or uneven surfaces like bricks and stone.

2. Do not use the double sided tape under high temperature use for a long time.

3. Do not use the mounting tape on poor material or wall surfaces.

4. Remember,
the self-adhesive stickiness and bonding strength will be greatly reduced each time it is removed and use it again.

5. Note: Our adhesive tape can not be used on paint walls due to its feature of strong adhesiveness. Recommended for temperatures between 0°F to 150°F. Not recommended for dashboards, flexible vinyl or underwater use. Continued exposure to full sunlight can damage and weaken fasteners. May not adhere well to a rough wall or brick, etc. Doing trial test is highly recommended.


1x 24pc Set (12 Hoop & 12 Loop Stips), BUY 1 Get 1 Half Price 2 x 24pc Sets (48pcs-24 Hoop & 24 Loop Strips).

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