Yamkas Yoga Knee Pad, Joint Cushion:

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Yamkas 59cm x 25cm x 15mm high-density premium NBR foam mat, in Classic Black or Dove Grey. These mats provide supreme protection and comfort to your body and joints, including your knees, elbows, wrists, head, neck, forearms, back, hips, feet, ankles, and of course, your Derriere. They also help you to protect your joints and body from any unnecessary wear and tear or major issues that bone vs hard floors can cause.

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Yamkas Yoga Knee Pad, Joint Cushion:
The perfect high density joint cushioning mat.

You can use it for any exercise that requires parts of your body to be constantly on the floor feet, knees, elbows, head, hips, bottom, etc. This smaller parts of the body mat can be used alongside or as part of a full body mat such as; it can be used to extend your standard yoga mat to cushion your head, you could double up for extreme protection on the joints being used.

  1. YAMKAS uses High-density premium NBR foam to make these mats to offer supreme comfort to your body, your joints, and your pressure points.
  2. With the 15mm (1.5cm) cushioning protection between you and the hard floor, these premium mats will most certainly help to protect your Elbows, Wrists, Head, Pelvic joints, Knees, Feet and Of-Course Your Derriere, etc, against unnecessary injuries or any long-term joint issues. By using a cushioned mat, you can help slow down the wear & tear of your joints get over time through constant contact with cold hard surfaces.
  3. The perfect thickness of our 15mm high-density cushioning foam ensures maximum comfort without sacrificing your balance or stability.
  4. This premium mat comes in two clean and smart looking colours (Classic Black & Dove Grey).
MEASUREMENTS:Yamkas Yoga Knee Pad, Joint Cushion:
These premium mats are not long enough for lying down on, but they do provide a large enough surconfrence to protect both of your knees, your elbows, or forearms at the same time and even both cheeks of your behind, etc. They provide generous dimensions of – Length 59cm/23.3″ x Width 25cm/9.9″ x Depth 1.50cm/15mm
Exercising is extremely good for us, although unfortunately, it can also take a toll on our bodies’ joints. We all exercise because we love to look and feel at our best. Whether that consists of burning excess calories, getting tonner, or more pumped, whatever your goals it is extremely important to exercise correctly.
Exercising correctly consists of keeping a good posture, a good breathing technique, warming up your muscles by stretching before exercising, plus a good cool down stretch when finished. Although not many consider the massive impact training can have on our joints.
Let’s take stretching, for instance: Yes, it’s important to our muscles that we do our warm ups and cool down sets. Though, if we forget about our joints while stretching, then in the long run we could end up doing our bodies more harm than good, and that’s a fact!
The impact that stretching on a hard surface, i.e., the gym floor, etc, is having on our joints can be massive. Although because we can’t see the gradual impact that each floor exercise is have on our insides, we don’t even think about it (until it’s too late, that is).
To minimise the impact and strain we put on our bodies and joints all we need to add to the list above is a high-density cushion mat between the joints we are using and the hard floor surface. This little change can make a massive difference on how your joints will be in your later life. Even as we walk, bend, or jump, etc, we are putting stress on our joints, so don’t be putting further and harsher impact stress on them just to exercise another part of your body. Think about the inside you, as much as the outside you.
Always have the correct cushion thickness protection between your joints and the hard surfaces!
The correct thickness does not mean the thicker the better! No, it means “the correct thickness of protection for your joints but also a thickness that does not unstable your bodies stability or posture.” This is why so many gym goers find that the 15mm high-density cushioning that the YAMKAS mat offers, to be the perfect mixture between Protection & Stability for them.
The YAMKAS can help protect and cushion your joints while you
Clean your floors, rearranging your cupboards, polishing your shoes, putting furniture together, sitting on a cold hard floor, bathing the kids or pets, fixing things around your home, or even around your garden. Anywhere that part of your body needs to be in contact with a hard surface, this mat will be useful!
Yes, these mats can be used around your garden, but they can only be used on dry ground!
Even though these mats are sweat-resistant as they can handle your sweat while training. Please remember that they are ‘nott suitable to be used on wet ground.

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