Ab Roller Wheel


Abs Workout Equipment for Abdominal & Core Strength Training, Exercise Wheels for Home & gym, Ab Machine with Knee Pad Accessories.  A cheap and very efficient workout!

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The ab wheel rollout is an extreme upper-body exercise that focuses on strengthening the core muscles but it also builds stability and power in the arms, shoulders, and back. This makes the move a MUST DO! Not only for a sculpting a lean, defined and athletic midsection but also for building functional strength that would benefit you within your every day life.

Exercising with the ab roller wheel doesn’t only emphasise your form, but it will also emphasise your bodies function. You maybe sceptical, and you might be thinking, how will this exercise tool not only help to enhance my abdominal & core, shoulders, arms, chest, back, hip flexors, etc? You might even say, “No thanks, I’ll just stick to my sit-ups, pull-ups, my Spiderman wall climbers, my push-ups, and so on, and so on.

We would say that, “Of course you should keep doing the exercises you have previously been doing. But, we are providing you with information on how you could not only enhance, but you could totally transform the all over upper body results that you have already benefited from your normal upper body workout routines. We are also providing you the tool to reach that higher level of body sculpture and strength function.” This roller wheel will not only help your physic look strong, but it will actually help you be stronger.

Ab Roller Wheel

CG:- CORE TRAINING:Ab Roller Wheel

Each repetition of the rollout exercise works various muscles targeting your abs, hip flexors, shoulders, and back. It will not only help improve you lower back strength but it will decrease your risk of muscular injury. Keep your core tight during both motions. As you push out and as you pull your body weight back towards yourself.


We took time to ensure that our ab roller was not only lightweight but also strongly built and extremely durable. Our abs roller gym; the components are made of long lasting stainless steal. We put special emphasis on the rubber handles to deliver a firm and solid grip, so you can be positive even when doing the most fierce workout sessions.


The overall size, design, & weight of this ab wheel enables you to workout anywhere and at any time. So whether you are at home, office, gym, hotel room, or even outdoors, you will never miss the opportunity to enhance and strengthen your abdominal and upper-body muscles. The simple assembly means you can get transforming your body that make assembly and disassembly quick and stress free. Although once assemble you might never want to dismantle it as this abdominal wheel is extremely portable.

Ab Roller Wheel

Simple assembly that make assembling and disassembling of the wheel extremely quick and stress free. Although once assembled you might never need to dismantle it as this abdominal wheel is extremely portable and lightweight.

Ab Roller Wheel

Its weight is only 1.6 pounds. Plus with measurements being L 28.5cm (11.2″) x W 15cm (5.9″) x H 15cm (5.9″). Together the weight and size of this powerful ab and body workout tool can easily be thrown into your gym bag or simply carried in hand, making it extremely portable.

So you could workout anywhere and at any time. So whether you are at home, office, gym, hotel room, or even outdoors, you will never miss the opportunity to enhance and strengthen your abdominals, core and body muscles.

SAVE TIME & MONEY:Ab Roller Wheel

Don’t worry about taking trips to the gym, our ab roller delivers the ultimate ab workout and it is the perfect piece of equipment to start your home gym. This one wheel is the perfect abdominal and body stimulator and enhancer for a great workout session. Save the extra money from not having to spend on a gym membership and go on a sunny holiday to show off your new abs and body transformation. Workout in the safety, comfort and privacy of your own home, office, etc.

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