Belaco 3 Settings Heater/Cooling Fan.


  • 2 Heat Settings(Warm 1000W/ Hot 2000W) With Temperature Control.
  • 1 Cooling Fan Setting With Temperature Control.
  • Built-on Sturdy Portable Carrying Handle.
  • Powerful, Quality Build, Reliable & Durable.
  • Compact, Sleek, Lightweight & Elegant.
  • Tip Over Shut Off Safety Switch. 
  • BFH21 Overheating Protection Built-in.

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MEET THE 2000W BELACO HEATER:Belaco 3 Settings Heater/Cooling Fan.Belaco 3 Settings Heater/Cooling Fan.Three heating and cooling options, with Cool, Warm, and Hot air .

You can easily adjust the thermostat to suit your required temperature.

With this heater/cooling fan being built with a slim, tough, durable and compact design. Makes this fan ideal for use within smaller rooms, such as; living rooms, bedrooms, holiday homes, caravans, or even a camping tent.

With its Tip-over automatic shut off switch built-in for optimum safety and peace of mind when in use.

BELACO COOLING FAN & HEATER:Belaco 3 Settings Heater/Cooling Fan.

This is a strong, well built, reliable, lightweight and upright fan/heater which can easily fit under a table or anywhere around the room including in the corner of the room. With the very stable and reliable carry handle built-in at the top, you can easily and safely move to wherever you need it most. 

ABOUT THE HEAT SETTINGS: 3 in 1 Air Selections:Belaco 3 Settings Heater/Cooling Fan.

This heater has 3 in 1 air function to keep you comfortable indoors no matter the climate outside. This Belaco fan gives you a choice of a Cool, Warm or Hot Air Selection.

The heat settings to choose from are: Warm (1000 watts), Hot (2000 watts). You can simply plug the heater into the main socket and choose the heat setting you prefer. This Heater comes with an easy adjustable thermostat control for a more comfortable environment.

SLEEK & ELEGANT DESIGN:Belaco 3 Settings Heater/Cooling Fan.

A Compact, Powerful and Elegant Black fan heater which will match with most interior decor. It will keep your room a much more inviting temperature to be in, without taking up too much space.

This BELACO heater is very light and easy to carry. It also comes with a built-on handle which is robust, secure, and comfortable, making this heater extremely portable and easily transferred to whichever room or space you need it most around your home.


Belaco 3 Settings Heater/Cooling Fan.

To prevent any accidental damage, please Do Not move or touch the heater when in use! To move the heater, you must first switch it off at the power mains. Please always use the built-on handle when moving from place to place.

YOUR SAFETY IS PARAMOUNT:Belaco 3 Settings Heater/Cooling Fan.

As it is impossible to always keep your eye on the heater when in use. So you will be happy to know that this heater comes with a ‘Safety Tip Over Shut Off Switch’ built-in, for extra safety protection.

What that means is, this machine would cut off all power to the heater and shut it down if it is accidentally knocked over or tilts too far over. It will stay shut down until it is told that it is safe to start up again. You do this by actively setting the heater upright again.

It also has ‘Over Heating Protection’ built-in to BFH21 standards for peace of mind.

OPERATE, MAINTAIN & SAFETY INFORMATION.Belaco 3 Settings Heater/Cooling Fan.

With this heater being quite quiet there is a red power lamp built-in which will illuminate to indicate that the fan propeller is actively turning. So when the light is on please Do Not place ANYTHING (especially your fingers) through the front protection safety guard.

If the machine needs cleaned or something has been put inside, you first need to switch the heater off and unplug at the mains, then make sure that the propeller blades have come to a complete stop. Then you can rectify whatever needs doing.

We recommend using a hairdryer on a cool setting to blow any dust out of your heater.

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