Holdon 16amp 110V Weatherproof Work Light, with 3 Tough, Durable, and Very Bright Fluorescent Bulbs:


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  • RRP £47.54
  • Manufacturer: Holdon
  • Part Number: HN00182
  • Item Weight: 2.99 Kilograms
  • Item Model Number: HN00182
  • Batteries Required? No

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On the rear of each “Holdon HN00182 Work Light” is where you will find two 110-volt completely weatherproof power supplies where you can connect your 110v work tools. The 2 power supplies also allows you the option of linking up multiple 110v light units to each other to lighting up mass areas. Each power supply link-up has its own on/off power switch.

Each light unit comes fitted with 3 very bright, longer-lasting florescent light bulbs. The unit itself is completely weatherproofed and cheaper to run. Making the “Holdon HN00182”, the perfect light unit for lighting up any size, of indoor or outdoor work space, garden / driveway / pathway / stage area, etc.

So, no matter the size of the area that needs to be brought to life with light, the “Holdon HN00182” has it covered!


1 x 24w and 2 x 18w ES 110v CFL energy saving lamp bulbs, allowing continuous lighting even if one bulb fails.

Switchable lamps allow 3 different lighting levels: high, medium, and low.

2 x output 16A 3pin sockets allowing powertools to plug directly through the light.

Available in 110v c/w 2 metre input flex and plug (c/w cable tidy clips for easy storage).

Stylish IP44 body, tidy carry handle, moulded stand, and strong cover.

Adjustable floor stand allowing up and down swivel.

Replacement lamps are readily available in 110v.

Buying Options:

1x HN00182 Light= £25.97, 2x HN00182 Lights for £40


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