Bentrance High Pressure Bike Foot Pump


A Small But Powerful Foot Pump with Inflation Needle, Universal Presta & Schrader Valve for Bicycle, Car, Motorbike or Ball etc.

Width : 95mm

Height : 170mm

Pressure : 140PSI

Pipe : 50cm

Anti freeze Tube

Anti Slip foot pedal

Multi functional valves

Aliuminum Alloy Barrel

Antti Slip Base

Lightweight & Handy

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    As tall as a drink bottle, our foot pump with needles is only
    a little bigger than an iPhone 6p.
    After shrinking, it is more compact and can be freely placed in
    your bag.
    Compatible to universal U S and F R valves; Foot air pump with
    inflation needle, can inflate for bicycles,
    electric vehicles, motorcycles, air cushion, swimming
    ring, basketball, football, life buoy, air bed, and any inflatable balls toys.
  • DUAL VALVE HEAD WITH THUMB LOCK: The bicycle tire inflator pump has 2 in 1 U S and F R
    specifications gas nozzle kits, dual pump head helps inflate all kinds of bikes;
    Compatible with
    Presta & Schrader dual adapters or adjustments needed. Thumb lock ensures tight seal and
    no air leaks.
    Distinguish between traditional and hand blowing, this
    portable bicycle inflator is anti- slip retractable pedals, hinged plastic handles
    and durable
    valves makes this bike air pump more stable and less slippery when inflating.
    Fast inflating and
    saving time, you can use it for a long time.

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