CCPOR Computer Power Switch, Headset Stand:


Dual USB Ports,Color LED, Integrated Professional Gaming Peripherals. Black, R-008.

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  • This is a device that integrates a headset stand and a computer power switch. While storing and charging the headset. You can remotely control the computer’s power on, off and restart.
  • Dual USB ports, one can provide charging function, and one can connect to external devices to transfer data.
  • Stylish appearance and personalized atmosphere lights will bring you a different experience.
  • If your power switch is damaged or you want to move the computer switch to a convenient location, this product is your best choice.
  • This device is a general-purpose device, suitable for most DIY motherboards, but not for Lenovo, Dell and other brands of the whole machine.


1.It cannot be used simultaneously with the original host switch. 

2.The performance of each port depends on where you connect. 

3.Incorrect connection may damage the motherboard or connected external devices.


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