GerFogoo Garden Gnome Escaping From A Magical Window.


A timeless garden sculpture of a Gnome escaping out of the magical window to play in your garden. A fun and marvelous edition to any space.

The sculpture is made from high-grade durable resin and painted using outdoor paint. It has been covered with an outdoor coating, providing a long lasting colour protection from fading.

It is a timeless piece!

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The stories of  Magical Gnomes, Leprechauns, and Fairy’s, ect, have been told throughout all ages: But! Do you believe or even dream about their existence?

If they have never existed, then how, when, and why the stories 🤔. It would be nice if they did, though, wouldn’t it! 

GerFogoo Garden Gnome Escaping From A Magical Window.


This garden Gnome sculpture is of a very joyful gnome escaping through the magical window. The window only ever appears when a gnome wants out to play in your garden. It is made from high-grade durable resin.

This piece has such an adorable and happy face, making it the perfect gift idea that’ll never fail to bring a smile to anyone who receives it.

This outdoor/indoor sculptured Gnome will bring a magical feeling to any child’s bedroom, an office, hallway, and of course your garden, etc.

This piece has an extremely cute face and will make any garden or courtyard, a much more interesting place to be.


Sculpted of weather resistant poly resin and hand painted with realistic details and texture. It’s extremely tough & durable. The workmanship and detailing are outstanding within this loveable 3D piece.


This friendly  outdoor gnome statue is printed with long-lasting outdoor grade paint and covered with a protective coating.

So there is nothing to worry about when it comes to colour fading. Even in strong sunlight or under heavy rain, this tough, well-made garden decoration will withstand years of harsh outdoor conditions.


This very durable garden gnome ornament is easy to spot, not only because of its beautiful colours or 3D form or its moving windowpane, but it will also be noticed for its well proportionate size Making it easily seen by friends and visitors.


You can hang these bright, fun, 3D, Gnome decoration with moving parts on a tree, wall,  fence, shed, tree house, or basically any place, that you can hang nail or screw.

With its perfectly placed keyhole hanging ring on the back, it allows you to hang your sculpture almost anywhere with a single nail or screw, and the job is done👍. If you’re worried about your sculpture being taken, you can also glue it to most surfaces.


It will not lose its cuteness, nor will this outstanding loveable conversation starting garden decoration ever go out of style. It is a timeless piece.

The illusion is completed with a swinging metal windowpane that adds a sense of 3D reality to this already adorable sculpture.

GerFogoo Garden Gnome Escaping From A Magical Window.


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