Hummingbird Wind Chimes, Metal Garden Ornaments by VAINECHAY for Outdoor & Indoor Use.


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The design of this metal wind chime is vintage and romantic iron art technology. Finished with glaze technology and Chinese style glass. 

This hummingbird windchime is colourful and fully demonstrates the charm of hummingbirds. The total length of this magnificent metal wind chime is 84cm or 33.07 inches.

The green hummingbird wind chimes represents good luck, softness, joy and elegance. If we hang the hummingbird wind chimes in the room, the crisp windchime bird will make people feel happy, relaxed and comfortable.

When the wind blows, each metal tube makes a pleasant sound, as if the windchime is playing a piano, creating a harmonious experience in your home or garden.

The Chime comes with a hook for easy hanging from trees, fences, patio, garden wall, living room, bedroom etc. The colourful and perfect design style of this wind chime can be seamlessly integrated into your garden. It will help create a peaceful, warm and natural aura all around you.