Here Fashion Toddler Pre School Learning Crafts Set:


Animal Plate Craft DIY Projects Supply Kit Creative Home Activity Craft Party Groups Gift Pack of 10 (3+ years)

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    Our paper plate craft kits come in a gift box. They are easy to understand craft project kits and contains 10 colourful paper plates, 10 pattern cards, 4 pieces of foam adhesive tapes and 1 instruction booklet. Bigger tapes and instruction are easier for kids to use while do their craft work.
    Whether you are getting your child’s mind ready for school activities after a long summer, their birthdays, play dates or simply want that important 1 to 1 bonding alone time, Here Fashion educational craft play sets are the perfect companion.
    Preschool crafts are made with bright colours to hold their attention. With this toddler project kit, kids can transform simple paper plates into a frog, fish, tiger, tree, peacock and other cute animals etc.
  • Learning Through Play: Helpful for kids to learn new words. The kids will most definitely be inspired by this entertaining paper plate art to spur their creativity and imaginations.
    Your kids and you are gonna have a great time doing DIY paper plate art kit together. Kids will enjoy this entertaining animal paper crafts, and parents also have a chance to bond. Enjoy the time spent with children and make it a special time for your little boys and girls.
  • AGE:  3+Years (Adult Supervision Always Recommended)