Holdon 20oz Extra Long Vibration Eliminating Fibreglass Claw Hammer:


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Holdon Black 20oz Extra Long Fibreglass Claw Hammer.

20oz Long Handle Hammer Producing Incredible Force & Pulling Strength.

Solid Fibre Core & An Extremely Rebust & Comfortable Handle.

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Due to its ridged vibration eliminating design, this hammer is perfect for those big and heavy DIY or site jobs such as pulling down plaster board, ceiling joists, partition walls, or lifting & breaking up floorboards, etc. This 20oz hammer is for those big jobs that a normal claw hammer just can’t handle.

The vibration eliminating design and its thick rubber handle will protect your hands and help with comfort for use over an extended period of time. The Holdon Black 20oz hammer has an extremely strong fibreglass shaft, which forces all of the weight and strength to the head of the hammer for maximum results from each swing.

The fibreglass shaft will cushion and absorb most of the vibration from each surface contact, and the thick comfortable rubber covering the handle will absorb any remaining vibrations, in turn protecting your hands and wrists.

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