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Make alphabet learning while having fun with this 67″ (170cm) durable sprinkler splash water mat. Your kids & pets will have hours of fun/ learning and laughing with this garden water splash toy.

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Perfect Outdoor Toys for Toddlers:

Bring the waterpark to the safety of your own garden, create a mini resort with splash & sprinkler mat. With colorful marine pattern and letter design, kids can learn while playing. Funny water spray game beats the heat of summer!

Excellent Toys for Kids 2 Years Over:

With our splash pad, kids will enjoy endless fun, laughter, learning and much needed relief from the heat. Perfect for garden play, backyard kiddie pool, water parties, outdoor beach games. Great for toddlers ages 2+ years old. Buy it now, let this summer toy create oceans of adventures for kids and pets!

Extra Large Wading Pool Toys for Boys, Girls and Pets:

These 67 inch diameter water-filled sprinkler play mat are large enough even for the bigger kids to enjoy the water fun with their families, friends and pets. Kids can jump, slide, even lay on the splash mat, have hours of fun with this water toy.

Safe Sprinkler Pad for Your Family:

Luchild kids wading pool are made of environmentally friendly PVC material, non-toxic, BPA and phthalates free. The toddlers pool can better withstand water pressure with thicker material. [Note: there is a very slight odor when opened, but it is a totally safe and non-toxic odor. Once placed in the yard/garden the smell will fade]

Easy to Use in Garden:

To Inflate is simple, simply plug it to your garden hose or PVC tubing. Always fill the Pad on a low water pressure and then once filled you can adjust water pressure to lower or higher the spray height. Never move the Pad once filled, empty if it has to be moved. Then
you, your children and pets can feel the joy of playing with water without going to the beach and leaving the lawn.


Never leave kids unsupervised while your splash mat is in use or after still has water inside.


Always keep your hosepipe as straight as possible so that you can get the best heights out of the water sprinklers.

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