20 x Hotel Quality, Clear Disposable Shower Caps by Gilchrist & Soames.


These are high hotel quality, disposable plastic shower caps. The elasticated edge means that one size should fit all.

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Disposable plastic hair caps, as the name implies, the caps are 100% waterproof to protect the hair. It could be used in public places where hygiene is of top priority.

Such as food processing/preparing platforms. They are safe, sanitary and can meet the food grade requirements.

Additionally, they could be used for dusting, dying your hair, painting, dusting or over your shoes to protect your carpets & flooring. There are hundreds of ways in which you will find these very useful.

  • Brand:     Gilchrist and Soames
  • Type:       Disposable Shower Cap
  • Quality:   Hotel Style Thickness
  • Material: Plastic
  • Design:   Transparent
  • Included: 20x Quality Shower Cap, Inside Recyclable Boxes.

*Children and Pets Should Always Be Under Adult Supervision When Using This Product*