SNOWTRAX; Snow/Ice Cleats With Carbide Steel Studs, and Secure Straps by YAKTRAX


  • A superior surface grip.
  • Reduce the risk of injury due to slips or falls.
  • Highly durable Tungsten Carbide Steel spikes.
  • Tough Stretchable Pliable Rubber.
  • Effective on icy, slippery surfaces and packed snow.
  • A durable & reliable Velcro safety strap.
  • Lightweight and easy to store & carry.
  • Fits over almost every type of footwear, sizes 7 to 11.

Yaktrax® ice grips are designed to be used on packed snow and ice. They need a layer of ice to bite into, to be effective.

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Ice cleats are an accessory that straps onto the bottom of any type of footwear. They vary in design, but usually feature rows of spikes or studs, which help you gain traction on snow and ice. Some snow cleats do not have any spikes at all, but instead feature rubber ridges and bumps to improve stability.

Ice cleats are different from crampons, which feature much larger spikes for use in snow during mountain climbing expeditions.

Ice cleats are easy to fit onto your shoes. Most ice cleats are made of pliable rubber, which stretch to fit around most size shoes. Some designs such as these Yaktrax® feature Velcro straps that tighten around your boots, so your cleats do not slip off while walking or jogging.

Many ice cleats are composed of thermoplastic rubber, which can withstand temperatures below -40 degrees Fahrenheit. The rubber is also lightweight, which means you won’t feel like you are being weighted down as you walk.


Yaktrax®, “named after the Tibetan yak”. Light-weight ice grips that are worn over your regular walking/running shoes or boots, and have a Velco strap to keep them attached and in place. These are a must on packed snow, ice, and mucky hill as they can help prevent accidents. These can even be worn while out golfing or anywhere that you need an extra and sturdier grip.

There is no better way to lower the risk of accidents caused by slips and falls on a slippery surface. Yaktrax® carbide steel stud traction shoes that are designed to be used for walking up or over packed snow and ice. They only need a layer of ice to bite into to be effective.

SNOWTRAX; Snow Ice Cleats, Traction Studs.

We all know that feeling of shock& fear after we’ve almost ended up on our back after our foot gave way while walking on ice or packed snow. Some serious  consequences have happened due to those kinds of falls.

These traction stud shoes/boot covers can help towards reducing the risk of these kinds of slips or falls. The only way you can be guaranteed to not fall or slip on ice is not to be out & about on it.

Although if you have no other choice but to be out & about on the ice or packed snow then these Yaktrax Carbide steel stud grips will help reduce the risk of slips or falls, and will give you a much better chance of getting to where you need to be, and back home again.


Carbide has all but replaced steel tooling in recent years. Carbide is much harder than steel and much more resistant to heat. Although a carbide-tipped tool is more expensive than a comparable tool that has steel cutting edges, carbide is more economical because it lasts much longer.


You can wear Yaktrax® in temperatures as low as -40C as they are designed to be used in the harshest winter conditions. Yaktrax® are unisex.

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