Sunglasses – Premium Quality Cycling Sunglasses by Vabneer


Perfect full cover dark stylish glasses that will protect your eyes against wind, UV rays, dirt particles & bugs etc. These glasses will make sure you can see past even the strongest glare of the sun whilst cycling, running, walking, driving, wheelchair or whatever you use to get out & about.

Material: High-Quality Polycarbonate Fiber

Type: Full Eye Cover Sunglasses.

Style: Unisex.

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Stylish and Unique Design.

100% high quality UV400 safety lens to prevent ultraviolet rays , light weight, high
impact strength and very cool looking. Glasses are the latest must-have accessory for motorcycle enthusiasts and cyclists.
These lenses will protect your eyes from wind, rain and dust etc, which will help keep you safe. Suitable for strong sunlight and all outdoor activities they wont let you down.

Package Included:

1 x Pair high-quality polycarbonate fiber, flexible anti-ultraviolet lenses, durable comfortable frames.


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