O’SHOW Adjustable Black Velvet Equestrian Horse Riding Helmet, Size 58: RRP £58.99



Tough and durable material.

Exquisitely designed helmet with beautiful looking and feeling velvet material. 

Strong and Secure head protection against heavy impacts, and collisions (Please, make sure it fits your head firmly).

The helmets body shell is super tough but very lightweight, so you can easily gallop without any neck load.

Three-dimensional circulation of cool air, and fast heat dissipation. To reduce any overheating.

The super slick curved design of this helmet is to reduce air resistance.

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O'SHOW Adjustable Black Velvet Equestrian Horse Riding Helmet, Size 58: RRP £58.99

  • Black velvet outer covering, for that rich classical look. To clean the velvet on this helmet, gently brush with soft headed brush, a small amount of warm water & soft soap, then allow to dry naturally. (Video Attached Below)
  • Certified, ABS, inner shell, EPS, finished with an adjustable safety strap, with a padded chin area for enhanced comfort.
  • Sweat Inner lining and chin strap are removable for cleaning. We recommend gentle hand washing, machine washable at a cool 30° low spin every now and then.
  • Finished with an air circulation system buit in, through 3 very smart looking silver air vents between the front and rear.
  • Remember not to expose your helmet to direct sunlight for a sustained period of time. Never leave the helmet on your car window shelf in direct sunlight. Try to keep it stored away in its original packaging in a cool, dry, and clean area.


  • This helmet is a size 58.
  • It is extremely important to check your size first and only buy that size.
  • For maximum protection and comfort a helmet should be of a firm fit, not too firm as in tight, nor of a loose fitting, when properly fastened.
  • Remember a helmet is for your SAFETY, not just for looking good.
  • CE certification: CE1384 VR1384:2017

Here’s how to properly measure for your helmet size:

How to properly clean a velvet helmet:

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